A Reputable Stucco Contractor Sheds Some Light over a Few Common Stucco Misconceptions

Since there are only a handful of contractors who truly understand how stucco surfaces are properly installed and repaired, many myths have developed about things that you can or cannot do with stucco. As a professional stucco contractor, I want to clarify a few things so that you can have a better understanding about the stucco industry. Here are two of the most common myths that have been circling around for quite a while now.

Myth 1. All cracks in stucco are bad

A very common misconception is that all cracks in stucco surfaces are dangerous and must be fixed immediately. Although there is a shred of truth in this statement, you’ll be surprised to find out that only certain cracks are bad. First of all, you should know that all stucco develop cracks. Whether these cracks are so small that you can’t even see them or they are substantially large, there is no stucco surface that is free of cracks. The good news is that only the cracks that are bigger than 1/16 of an inch must be repaired. Hairline cracks, on the other hand, can be left alone. As long as they don’t extend, they will not affect your home.

Myth 2. Stucco can’t be painted

This is definitely a false statement. Stucco can be painted any color you wish. The only thing that really matters is the type of paint you use. Many people use acrylic or latex paint and they soon realize that the paint starts to peel and chip away. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s the stucco’s fault. You should know that there are special types of paints designed for stucco only. Consult a professional stucco contractor before you purchase paint for your stuccoed walls.

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