How a Roofing Contractor Patches a Single Ply Membrane Roof

Single ply membranes are normally seen on commercial roofing. Due to its simple installation, an ability to get around difficult roofing angles and energy saving benefits have led to its growth in popularity. But, it is vital to regularly do inspections, depending on the roof and weather, to make sure it is still working correctly. If you come across any holes or tears, a temporary patch can be used in order to repair the membrane until a roofing contractor can come and perform a more permanent heat weld.

Identifying where the problem is. Locate the hole or tear on the membrane. Decide which part you need to cut away. Then simply remove it and the insulation. Replace it if necessary. Most insulation is used as a type of underlayment. Clean the membrane where you are going to place the patch. Begin with an easy all purpose cleaner, then remove any soapy residue. Rinse and dry the area, and then line up patch. Working across, slowly peel away the film gently while pressing it in place as you continue.
Roll the tape into place. This needs a firm roller to be used, to make sure a firm contact is made. Caulk the edges of your patch using some polyurethane sealant, and then cover the seam.


The manufacturer of your roofing system could decide to void any warranty if a permanent repair is not performed by a certified roofer, within a certain amount of time, to be determined by the manufacturer.

Tools you are going to require.


Self-adhesive pressure sensitive tape


Cleaning product.

Polyurethane caulk


Primer; however, this is the owners choice.

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